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No fiction writer would dare to use what really happened to an American businessman in Brazil as the story line for a novel. It would certainly be called "not believable" by the critics. But sadly, what is "not believable" as fiction really happened to John Gregory Lambros.

Minnesota stockbroker, investment banker and international businessman John Gregory Lambros was arrested on May 17, 1991, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was denied a bail hearing and bail that had been previously approved by the U.S. federal district court judge that authorized his arrest in Brazil. Lambros was denied court appearances required by the Brazilian Constitution, and his family was ripped-off by scamming Rio de Janeiro attorneys: CARLOS ROBERTO SCHLESINGER, NELIO ROBERTO SEIDL MACHADO, RUY LUDOLF RIBEIRO, and VERNON DALE McNAMEE. Lambros was held in degrading conditions in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia, Brazil, and tortured in Brazilia, Brazil while awaiting extradition to the State of Minnesota.

You say, "That's what happens when you get arrested in a third-world country, right?" Well maybe, but the usual foreign arrest doesn't include the high-tech depaterning (interrogation) that Lambros was subjected to: a form of torture akin to living inside a toaster, bombarded by an intense elector-magnetic field twenty-four hours each day. But when depaterning apparently didn't deliver the results the Brazilians (acting as U.S. agents) wanted (or needed) from Lambros, implants were surgically implanted in Lambros's brain to interrogate, monitor and control him.

To add insult to injury, the Brazilian Supreme Court ILLEGALLY granted Lambros' extradition to the United States on April 30, 1992, knowing Lambros could only receive a MANDATORY LIFE SENTENCE WITHOUT PAROLE. The Brazilian Supreme Court had been advised several times by the United States Embassy in Brasilia, Brazil and by Lambros that the Brazilian Constitution did not allow extradition of persons facing a life sentence. The Brazilian Constitution prohibits any penalty of a lifelong character (Article 5, clause XLVII, b) and Article 75 of the Brazilian Criminal Code, limits the maximum sentence in Brazil to THIRTY (30) YEARS. See, STATE OF WASHINGTON vs. MARTIN SHAW PANG, 940 P.2d 1293, 1352 (Washington, 1997). Lambros COULD NOT legally be extradited, as proven by Mexico's Supreme Court, who blocks the extradition of criminal suspects facing life sentences in the United States. See, "INTERNATIONAL EXTRADITION NEWS" section within this web site for details. In fact, the Brazilian Supreme Court never applied "The Doctrine of Dual Criminality" to Lambros' criminal conduct. 'Double criminality' is in effect a reciprocity REQUIREMENT which is intended to ensure both the U.S. and Brazil that they can rely on CORRESPONDING TREATMENT. In November 1997, Lambros retained the U.S. and Brazilian Lawyers for MARTIN SHAW PANG, who advised Lambros that CONSPIRACY to distribute cocaine is specifically addressed in Brazilian Law No. 6368, Article 14, and carries a sentence of THREE (3) to TEN (10) YEARS. Therefore, the Brazilian Supreme Court by resolution should of at least stated to the United States that Lambros MUST NOT BE SENTENCED TO PRISON FOR MORE THAN THREE (3) to TEN (10) YEARS. CLICK HERE FOR PDF COPY OF DECEMBER 19, 1997 LETTER FROM MARTIN SHAW PANG'S U.S. AND BRAZILIAN ATTORNEY'S TO LAMBROS. (December 19, 1997 letter from Attorney Timothy Dole, Browne & Ressler, Seattle, Wa. and Attorney Dr. Roberto B. Dias da Silva, Escritorio de Advocacia; Rua Marconi, n053 - Coni. 83; Sao Paulo, SP; Brazil to Lambros. This letter offers an excellent overview about statutes of limitation and maximum sentences for drugs within Brazil's Penal Code).

Back in the U.S.A. there was a massive cover-up by the CIA, the Department of Justice, and the State Department, supported by the government and courts of Brazil. Lambros has now sustained years of torture and mind control. He has also been denied the freedom to practice his religion. Lambros remains imprisoned by the federal government, and has been denied the medical treatment he so desperately needs. Lambros' sentence was overturned on September 8, 1995 by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals that vacated his mandatory life sentence without parole because the sentence was not legal under a law in effect at the time of his alleged crime. See U.S. vs. LAMBROS, 65 F.3d 698 (8th Cir. 1995). The sentencing mistake occurred with the consent and assistance of Lambros' court-appointed attorney, CHARLES FAULKNER. Lambros was re-sentenced to thirty-eight (38) years, 30-year sentence with a 8-year term of supervised release, to be served upon release from imprisonment, thus a 38-year term. See, U.S. vs. ROBERTS, 5 F.3d 365, 369 (9th Cir. 1993). PLUS a CONSECUTIVE 5,357 DAY SENTENCE that he WAS NOT EXTRADITED ON, which was a breach of Article 75 of the Brazilian Criminal Code, which limits the maximum prison sentence to thirty (30) years in Brazil and DENIED his request to vacate three (3) other counts as per Brazilian law under the legal terms of Bis in Idem, Mutatis Mutandis, and the Principle of Subsidiarity, that have been granted to other Americans extradited from Brazil. See, STATE OF WASHINGTON vs. MARTIN SHAW PANG, 940 P. 2d 1293 (Wash. 1997) and AFFIRMED by the U. S. Supreme Court, 139 L.Ed.2d 608.

The following facts and proof of this case didn't support Brazil's extradition and treatment of Lambros. - You can't fit a square peg in a round hole. The peg simply won't fit. - When you don't have the law, you pound the facts. And when you don't have the facts you pound the law. If you don't have either, you pound the table. And that's what you've been seeing from Brazil since Lambros was arrested in 1991. But no matter how hard Brazil pounds, the peg still doesn't fit.

: Mr. Lambros offers proof as to the above sentence he received and the laws affecting same by offering the court document written and researched by the oldest and whom most consider the most prestigious law firm in Minnesota, BRIGGS AND MORGAN, P.A., dated August 15, 2000, in LAMBROS vs. FAULKNER, et al, Civil No. 98-1621(DSD/JMM), U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota. The following first four (4) pages of the August 15, 2000, "PLAINTIFF'S MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION TO DEFENDANTS' COMPREHENSIVE MOTION TO DISMISS OR FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT" offers an excellent summary overview. You may download the entire 29 page document IN PDF FORMAT BY CLICKING HERE. THE FREE ADOBE ACROBAT READER MAY BE DOWNLOADED FROM ADOBE SYSTEMS BY CLICKING HERE.

The 1988 new constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil (Republica Federative do Brasil) clearly states within Title II, Fundamental Rights and Guarantees, Chapter I, Individual and Collective Rights and Duties, ARTICLE 5:

Article 5. - All persons are equal before the law, without any distinction whatsoever, and Brazilians and foreigners resident in Brazil are assured of inviolability of the right to life, to liberty, to quality, to security and to property, on the following terms:

III: no one shall be submitted to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment;

IV: the expression of thought is free, and anonymity is forbidden;

V: the right to answer is ensured, in proportion to the offense, besides compensation for property or moral damages or damages to the image;

X: the privacy, private life, honor and image of person are inviolable, and the right to COMPENSATION for property or moral damages resulting from the violation thereof is ensured;

XXXIX: there is no crime without a previous law which defines it, nor is there any punishment without a previous legal imposition;

XL: THE PENAL LAW SHALL NOT BE RETROACTIVE, EXCEPT TO THE BENEFIT OF THE DEFENDANT; (How can the Treaty of Extradition Between the United States of America and the United States of Brazil, signed on January 13, 1961, be legal?)

XLI: the law shall punish any discrimination against fundamental rights and liberties;

XLVII: there shall be NO SENTENCE: b) of life imprisonment; e) which is cruel.

IXXIV: the State shall provide full and gratuitous legal assistance to whoever proves not to have sufficient funds;


LXXVII: Paragraph 2. - The rights and guarantees established in this Constitution DO NOT PRECLUDE others arising out of the regime and the principles adopted by it, or out of INTERNATIONAL TREATIES TO WHICH THE FEDERATIVE REPUBLIC OF BRAZIL IS A PARTY.



PLEASE NOTE: "Guimaraes, 58, faces NO MORE
" [Article
75 of the Brazilian Criminal Code]


The following letter from MARTIN SHAW PANG'S lawyers in the U.S. and Brazil to Lambros proves that the MAXIMUM SENTENCE FOR CONSPIRACY TO DISTRIBUTE COCAINE in Brazil carries a sentence of THREE (3) to TEN (10) YEARS. Therefore, the Brazilian Supreme Court should of specified that Lambros must not be sentenced to prison for more than TEN (10) YEARS. The U.S. District Court did not follow "The Doctrine of Dual Criminality" either. It appears Lambros, attorneys in Brazil must of obtained there law license within a Cracker Jacks box.

Click here to view STATE OF WASHINGTON vs. MARTIN SHAW PANG, 940 P.2d 1293 (Wash. 1997) opinion which proves Lambros was not given any type of law in Brazil. This opinion was affirmed by the Supreme Court.

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